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There is no doubt that work looks and feels very different these days.

Trends such as 'quiet quitting' along with the cost of living crisis and inflation, mental health, and new technologies are reshaping our idea of the future workplace.

To better understand the shifting needs of the workplace, we conducted global research, in collaboration with YouGov, across six countries, with 3,000 based in the UK.

We have combined this dedicated primary research, Sodexo's in-house expertise and supporting secondary sources to build a clear picture of the current state of play when it comes to workspaces in the UK, what they offer, and what employees want from them.

As it is about more than just space and fundamentally about people, we have delved into employee likes and needs regarding benefits, workplace perks, working patterns and work-life balance. We also consider the importance of the planet in this equation - without which, people and the spaces where they operate would no longer exist.